Logo for the IEEE SBE ReisCo

The ReisCo Committee at IEEE Student Branch Eindhoven (SBE) is dedicated to crafting unforgettable international experiences that extend the engineering learning environment beyond the classroom. By coordinating trips to global technological hubs, we aim to provide our members with a unique opportunity to witness engineering practices and innovations from around the world.

Whether it’s visiting the headquarters of major tech companies, attending international conferences, or exploring the research facilities that are pushing the boundaries of modern engineering, ReisCo aims to make it happen. Our goal is to inspire, engage, and connect our student members with global perspectives in technology and innovation.

The trips organized by ReisCo serve as both an educational and networking platform, allowing students to interact with professionals, alumni, and like-minded peers from different cultures. These journeys are meticulously planned to include a balance of professional development activities, cultural experiences, and leisure time.

By participating in a trip orchestrated by ReisCo, you’re not just signing up for a journey; you’re investing in an experience that will enrich your academic life and broaden your professional horizons. Join us to be a part of this global engineering adventure!