WIE Interest list

In a world ever-increasingly dependent on innovation and technology, diversity and inclusion stand paramount in cultivating an environment that not only fosters growth but also propels breakthroughs. The IEEE Women in Engineering (WIE) sub-group, a vibrant community within IEEE SBE, exemplifies this belief by diligently working to facilitate the full and equitable participation of women in IEEE’s fields of interest.

WIE aligns itself with the broader mission to inspire and support professionals, and students alike, particularly encouraging women to undertake careers in engineering and related disciplines. This is enacted through a myriad of initiatives including workshops, network events, and mentorship programs, which are all designed to break down barriers, demonstrate the vast opportunities within the engineering field, and create a supportive network.

In an era where technological advancements are reshaping our world, WIE firmly believes that equal representation within the field of engineering is not merely a matter of fairness but is pivotal in driving innovation and sustainable development.

We invite you to join the WIE community, share your experiences, lend your voices, and collaboratively, let’s engineer a future that is as diverse as the problems it seeks to solve.

If you fill in the form you will be invited to our first meeting when it is planned.