Finland November 2024 trip

Don’t miss the opportunity to visit Finland for a week!

The IEEE SBE travel commitee (ReisCo) is excited to announce a 1-week trip to Finland! The current unofficial dates of the trip are November 10 – November 17 with +/-2 days from the date of departure and arrival. It is expected that at least 20 people will be able to join the trip.

As there is still a lot of planning to do, the trip schedule is still a work in progress. The price is expected to be around 600 EU per person (this can change). Current plans include and are not limited to:

-Visiting Helsinki and finding out more about this ancient city!
-Visiting high tech companies at the high tech center of Finland – Espoo!
-Possibly visiting an underground mine!
-A trip to the northern-most region of Finland – Lapland. With an opportunity to see the northern lights at their peak!
-Reindeer farms!
-Finnish saunas!

If this sounds like something you might be interested in, do not hesitate to sign up for the interest list. Signing up for the interest list does not automatically register you for the trip, as this is merely an interest list! Confirmation and more information will be done through email at a later time.

Keep an eye on your email and we hope you will add Finland to your bucket list!