IEEE is a non-profit organization that is the world’s leading professional association for the advancement of technology. Originally, the IEEE name was an acronym for ‘Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers’. Nowadays, however, the organization’s scope of interest has expanded into so many related fields, that it is simply referred to by the letters I-E-E-E (pronounced ‘Eye-triple-E’).

Through its global membership, IEEE is a leading authority on areas ranging from aerospace systems, computer programming and telecommunications to biomedical engineering, electric power and consumer electronics. Members rely on IEEE as a source of technical and professional information, resources and services.

Most activities organised by IEEE SBE don’t require are IEEE membership but members do get discounts and access to member exclusive activities.

You can request or renew an IEEE membership via our Student Branch. For prices, please consult the IEEE Global website. After following these instruction, please fill in the following information:

If you are paying yourself, please fill in your address information. If the department is paying, fill in the name of the department or research group that is paying. You can also use the kostenplaats number of the department that is paying. Departments usually renew membership for their members in bulk so be sure you have contacted your department before making a request. If the department is only paying for a part of your IEEE renewals (Not paying for societies for example), please send a picture of your shopping cart to our email address ( and send both the department information and your own information.