The Line Follower Committee: Where Innovation and Speed Collide

We are excited to announce the creation of a new committee that aims to bring the world of robotics right to your doorstep: the Line Follower Committee.

The concept

Before we dive into the latest from IEEE Student Branch Eindhoven, let’s explore what line follower is all about. In essence, line follower is a type of robotics competition that revolves around speed and accuracy. Participants are tasked with building a robot that can follow a line—often black on a white background—as swiftly as possible without losing its way. This simple yet challenging task opens up a world of innovation, as students devise their own algorithms, sensor arrangements, and control systems to achieve the perfect blend of speed and accuracy. If your team consists of just a group of tech-savvy first year students or a group of PhD students, everyone is welcome to participate! Our first run will take place during the next academic year (2024-25).

The Line Follower Committee

With the challenges of line follower in mind, we are thrilled to introduce the Line Follower Committee! Comprising three passionate Electrical Engineers, this new committee is dedicated to organizing an international line follower competition right here in Eindhoven!

The Heart of the Competition

This isn’t just about building a robot that follows lines. It’s an invitation to innovate. You’ll have the opportunity to design your own controllers, experiment with unique sensor solutions, and strategize to make your robot the quickest and most reliable on the track.

Resources for Success

To make the entry into this fascinating world of robotics smoother, our committee is currently developing a user-friendly template. This toolkit will serve as a launchpad for newcomers and a resource for experienced builders looking to refine their designs.

A Community Affair

While the competition is based in Eindhoven, we aim to attract talents from across the BeNeLux IEEE community (and beyond). So, whether you’re a local or coming from afar, get ready for a dynamic gathering that celebrates technology, community, and the joy of making things move—fast!

Eager to join the action? Don’t miss out! Add your name to our interest list to receive timely updates on the event’s progress, important dates, and how you can participate.

Let’s make those lines lead to incredible innovations!