A Jaunt to IEEE SB KU Leuven: Plotting, Planning, and a Pinch of Wonderland

Just recently, our new (soon-to-be) 40th SBE board embarked on a delightful escapade to the charming city of Leuven. Ah, the city where the air is filled with the hum of intellect and the streets echo the footsteps of countless scholars. We were there on a mission, a mission to meet our counterparts at the IEEE branch in Leuven.

Amidst the backdrop of Leuven’s beautiful campus, with its verdant lawns and buildings of medieval origin, we delved deep into discussions about the blossoming future of our Eindhoven branch. The ambiance was so enchanting, it felt like Alice in Wonderland but for engineering – where every path led to new ideas and every conversation opened doors to uncharted territories of collaboration, especially those within their castle.

We exchanged notes, shared visions, and brainstormed on how to further develop our branch. The meeting was a melange of vibrant thoughts, innovative suggestions, and a shared commitment to enhancing our collaborative endeavors. Plans were laid, strategies were formulated, and steps were etched for a future where our cooperation will soar to new heights. We will further develop and tailor these plans and present them at the next GMM for the (soon-to-be) 40th board of our organization.

As we bid adieu to the beautiful city and its warm, welcoming IEEE branch, we carried back not just plans and strategies, but also memories of a delightful day spent in the company of like-minded peers amidst the scenic beauty of Leuven. The journey was short, but the path we’ve paved for mutual growth and collaboration is long and promising.

Here’s to the next chapter of our IEEE adventure, filled with more visits, more learning, and more growth. Until next time, keep the IEEE spirit high and the collaboration alive!


The (soon-to-be) 40th IEEE SBE board

Mike van der Kuijl

Niels Bijl

& Karsten Stolk